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MyoFly Massage FAQ!

What is your cancellation policy?


Please give us a 24-hour notification if you can’t make your appointment.


Do I tip my therapist?


Our therapists have a physically demanding job, tipping is customary but not mandatory. Most Clients tip $10 -$20 depending on service length.


What kind of massage should I get?


Let your therapist know the goals for your session. If you want to work out tension, increase range of motion or just relax we can customize your massage to fit your needs.


What types of massage does Myofly Massage offer?


Myofly Massage offers a wide range of Massage. Deep tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Restorative Massage, Trigger point Massage, and we can do Custom Massage to fit your needs.


What do I do if I have never had a massage?


Book on right now!! Let your therapists know if you have never had a massage, we will walk you through the massage process.


What do I wear; do I have to be completely undressed?


You can dress down to your comfort level. Some clients prefer to leave on underwear/ undergarments, some clients prefer nude. If you would like a sports massage and want to do a lot of stretching, consider wearing a pair of shorts.


Will I be covered up during the massage?


You will start your massage between the top and bottom sheet. As your Massage Therapist works, they will uncover and drape the sheet around each area they are working.


How long will my massage sessions last?


There are different lengths of Massage. We allow you a few minutes to dress and undress. Each 60-minute session averages 55 minutes of hands on Massage time.


Massage Therapy Contraindications?


Please do not schedule a massage if you are experiencing a fever, flu or cold symptoms. Please do not schedule if you have had a recent injury, operation, skin disease or anything contagious. Massage therapist do not work over areas affected by cuts, abrasions, inflamed or swollen areas, bruising, undiagnosed unknown pain or inflamed areas. Massage Therapists do not diagnose or treat any medical conditions. Please seek medical advice


How often should I receive a massage?


Most clients book 1-4 massages a month. Depending on your body and goals, your massage therapist can recommend how often they would like to see you.


Can I talk during my massage?


Sure, but please be aware that a massage may be going on next door, so use your inside voice.


What kind of music will I have to listen to?


Myofly Massage gives you the freedom to pick your own massage tunes. We have a wide range of music for you to enjoy.