Affiliate License

New Studio

Upfront cost

$15,000 Initial Licensing Fee (Per Location)

Total Projected First Year Revenue

4 Room Suite $80,000

5 Room Suite $110,000

6 Room Suite $160,000

7 Room Suite $200,000

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Existing Studios

Transform your existing studio into a MyoFly.  Increase your revenue and decrease your overhead.  Take our brand and implement a new way to gain clients and loyalty.  The cost is $100/ month or $1000/year.  Your website will be linked to our corporate site and your clinic will have full use of the MyoFly mark under the terms of the license.


Individual Massage Therapist

Are you a Massage Therapist? Starting your own practice can be stressful and time consuming. Consider becoming a MyoFly Affiliate.  We will help you build your website and establish an online booking system and then link to our main site. Practice in your own space, using any modality, gaining clients searching in your area. The cost is minimal, just $60/ month or $700/year.  


The Affiliate License


The Buyer (Licensee) gains the MyoFly Affiliate License.  The Affiliate License is a simple document explaining the terms of the use of the MyoFly brand.  The Buyer will agree to use the Brand and the Mark in an appropriate and true manner.  The Buyer will agree to stay current in their certifications, licenses, and malpractice insurance.  The Buyer will agree to a non-compete and a non-disclosure of proprietary information.  The Buyer will agree to promote the MyoFly Brand in the manner it was intended.